Our Project

Here at Chobe Bream we produce Oreochromis Andersonii under the registered trade name CHOBE BREAM. This is a local fish found in the Chobe river right here in Kasane. The reason we use this fish is due to the fact that we are located within a natural reserve here in Chobe and although we have a closed system we are committed to producing local products and maintaining the delicate ecosystem. As is occurring all over the world the natural fish stock in this river system is being depleted leaving many without a source of affordable protein. Chobe Bream’s mission is to provide this affordable protein to our local community. We do this using a Reticulating Aquaculture System (RAS). By using a RAS system we are able to:

– Produce a higher amount of fish per cube water

* we are able to maintain maximum levels of stocking densities in tanks due to the high intensity nature of our system.

-Re-use water

-Save costs on heating water, due to low volumes of water intake and output

-This heated water leads to faster growth of fish and therefore higher profitability

-Environmental friendly: The closed system allows for minimal water intake and output.

-Better control on factors such as:

* water quality

* water temperature

* waste disposal